First Presbyterian Church

Jefferson, Iowa

Property & Finance Ministry Team 


Session Members: Tom Heater, Larry Thomsen

Members: Glen Christensen, Eldon Cunningham, Wayne Taylor

Committee Description:  As we look to the future, we are grateful for the opportunity to worship and be in fellowship with one another in such a beautiful facility. The love and care provided to this building allows us to have a wonderful gathering place for not only our congregation, but to the community of Jefferson and all of Greene County. This committee manages the physical and property affairs of the church, overseeing the building, grounds, and farms. It oversees the organization, recruitment, and execution of work projects which will encourage ownership of the facilities by the congregation and growth of the general stewardship of resources.


February 16, 1867 was the date of the charter of the church. The primary house of worship was built in 1889, and remodeled in 1931. The Christian Education and Fellowship Hall wing was added in 1960. The present brick sanctuary was dedicated in 1975. In 1988, the old fellowship hall became Sunday School classrooms and a conference room was added. The carpeting in the church and the pew fabric was replaced in 1998. In 2003, the kitchen of the Fellowship Hall was remodeled. 

2009 was a year of celebrating our heritage and investing in our future with the current pipe organ rebuilding project. With this project, we recognize the love that went into this structure by our founders and the praise that we have for the maintenance and care that has been carried out through the years.



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