First Presbyterian Church

Jefferson, Iowa

Church Staff & Officers


  • Pastor Gordon Moen

  • Youth Coordinator, Wendy Pittman

  • Secretary/Treasurer, Martha Monroe 
  • Custodian, Wayne Lautner

  •  Session 
The Session is the ruling body of the church.  It consists of 12 Elders ordained (set apart) for life and chosen to serve a three year active term as spiritual leaders.  Current elders are:
Class of 2018
Tom Heater, Loel Larson, Larry Thomsen, LeAnn Monaghan
Class of 2019
Galen Dayton, Kathy Moen, Cheryl Nailor, Matt Pittman
Class of 2020
Randy Christensen, Donna Carhill, George Hedges, Bill Monroe
  • Deacons
Deacons are persons ordained for life to be servants and to lead the people in Christ's body in the ministry in caring and compassion. Current deacons are:
Class of 2018
Kathy Hardaway, Sandy Larson, Carol Zwicky, Pat Miller
Class of 2019
Shirley Danielson, Melinda Heater, Wayne Lautner, Gail Huffman
Class of 2020
Leo Brooker, Shirley Stapleton

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